#WhenWomenSpeak: (Re)Defining Kenyan Feminisms


The Brainstorm Quarterly E-book was born of our humble plan to take over the world. The Quarterlies exist to create bodies of work around topics we feel are important in Kenya, and the first issue is on women and Feminism.

Why Feminism?

Women are oppressed, harassed, raped and when you speak up people say it is no longer really a problem because they can now have jobs, vote, go to school and own property. When you try to learn about feminism, most of the work available to you is also not grounded in Kenyan realities.

This E-book hopes to change that by creating a basis for further conversation on feminism in Kenya/by Kenyans, as well as a space for discussion that is not reliant on the West. It will also help people understand that feminism is for everyone.

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