(In)Sanity: What “Crazy” Looks Like

What "Crazy" Looks Like


The Brainstorm Quarterly E-book was born of our humble plan to take over the world. The Quarterlies exist to create bodies of work around topics we feel are important in Kenya, and the second issue is on mental health.

Why Mental Health?

In this country we have a habit of insisting that crazy needs to look a certain way. Things like depression and bipolar disorder do not exist to us. Many times we torment people who are different in this way. We hurt them even when we don’t know we are hurting them “your happiness is your choice” and “don’t be a downer” are things we say, often. And this is hurting people.

This book is a collection of various stories by Kenyans about mental illness, about discovery, about stigma, about understanding and love. These are stories that move, breath, stretch and feel. If I were to give you any advice it would be to read without abandon. To move with the essays to wherever they take you and then to remember that these stories are true. 1 in every 4 people is affected by mental disorder(s). You know someone. I know someone. And yet still we refuse to empathize. We refuse to help or understand. That’s what is really crazy.

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